Create Change Where You Call Home!

You and your team can get certified in facilitating our evidence based change curricula, so that you can offer change in the place you call home.  Whether you are a Probation Office looking to provide in house services, a treatment provider looking for an evidence based tool to use with court mandated clients, or an individual trying to improve their community, getting trained in facilitating our curricula might be just what you have been looking for. Check out some of the features of our award winning, evidence based, manualized, cognitive behavioral workbook series below.

Holding a Book


Each of our court mandated classes uses a manualized workbook that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to be trained in facilitating groups without any prior experience leading groups or engaging individuals in change.  The workbooks do all the work for you!

Working from Home


Since 2010 we have been tracking the success rates of our programs through an independent organization. These results demonstrate that over 95% of our program graduates in all our programs have successfully completed probation and had received no new violations 3 years post-graduation.

Colorful Books


For his work in developing these workbooks and the collaboration in developing evidence based services, Ben was awarded the Linda J. Allen Community Service Award for significant contributions that have brought honor and credit to the field of criminal justice



Cognitive behavioral interventions are the gold standard for working with court mandated clients and each of our workbooks is rooted in a cognitive behavioral approach. In using our workbooks you will get increasingly fluent in the cognitive behavioral method which you may notice enhances your own client interactions inside and outside of the group setting.

Stack of Books


Our workbooks are grouped into 3 levels reflecting different levels of intensity.

Level 1 workbooks have 12 assignments and include Substance Use and Responsible Thinking, Anger Management, and Parenting.

Level 2 workbooks have 26 assignments and include 2 different workbooks. Domestic Violence and Substance Use and Responsible Thinking Level 2.

Level 3 workbooks focus on healthy sexual boundaries and that program lasts about 18 months.

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Getting certified is easy and lifelong.  We start by doing a free consultation to learn about the needs of your organization.  We then propose a plan to get you and your team certified.  Once certified you are then able to facilitate our groups for the rest of your life.  No hidden fees, no annual memberships.  Like everything else we do we keep it simple, fair and supportive of everyone's growth!   Call us now to find out more at (803) 207-0558