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Accountability, Compassion, Transparency

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 Our court mandated online CBI classrooms are designed to increase community safety and decrease recidivism.   Since 2010 we have been tracking the success rates of our Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry classrooms through an independent organization. These results demonstrate that over 95% of our graduates have successfully completed their community supervision and had received no new legal issues 3 years post-graduation. We use a multi-agency approach to our case management meaning that progress is shared with the referral source weekly to ensure the whole process is Accountable, Compassionate, and Transparent.

Level 1
Court Mandated CBI

Our level 1 classes include Substance Use & Responsible Thinking, Working with Anger, and Positive Parenting. Classes require a minimum of 12 weeks to complete and each class is 6o minutes in length.

Level 2
Court Mandated CBI

Safe Families, Healthy Relationships

A Minimum 26 week course for individuals engaged in domestic violence. Classes are 90 minutes in length.

Level 3
Court Mandated CBI

Our level 3 groups focus on Healthy Sexual Boundaries. Participants are typically involved with court ordered supervision and the program lasts a minimum of 18 months. Classes last 60 minutes each week.


If you are interested in running your own forensic counseling classes then consider getting certified today so that you can use our evidence based curriculums and processes in the community you call home. Just give us a call at (803) 207-0558 to learn more.

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