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Jamesa Motley

Executive Director


Jamesa is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. She has 23 years of experience working in the community as a Juvenile probation officer, coordinator of a juvenile diversion program, and providing group psychoeducational classes as a forensic clinician. Jamesa is the executive director and owner of Three Trees Center for Change and also runs her own private counseling company, Blue Lotus Counseling. In addition, Jamesa coauthors the Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry workbook series and cohosts the Ben and Jamesa (plus Amine) Podcast. Jamesa is a University of South Carolina alumni, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and back porch sitting. Jamesa’s philosophy is “no mud, no lotus”.


Amine Felaichi

Assistant Director


Amine is a native of Morgantown, WV. He graduated from West Virginia University majoring in Biology with an emphasis on Psychology in 2016. He is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus on Data Analytics. Amine has worked throughout his academic and professional career in substance abuse, homelessness, case investigation, and social work. He has a passion for using data to learn how to create a safer, healthier, more equitable society. Amine's hobbies include spending quality time with family, cohosting the Ben and Jamesa (plus Amine) podcast, and following his favorite soccer teams, FC Barcelona and the Algerian National Team.


Cathy is typically the first face you will meet at Three Trees, and works hard to keep Jamesa, Amine, and Ben as organized as she can. She was a child of the 60's, teen of the 70's and married her high school sweetheart. She has had decades of experience in office administration in emergency medicine and pediatric offices.  Cathy was also a massage therapist and has lived in 5 states of the USA.  Outside of Three Trees, Cathy loves reading, gardening, comedy, meditation, music, feng shui, and rainy days. And coffee. And pie, cherry pie.


Cathy Laney

Office Manager


Ben founded Three Trees Center for Change in 2008. He has worked as a forensic counselor, mental health counselor, and organizational consultant. Over the last 15 years he has been developing the Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry system to help individuals and organizations change and grow by learning the three trees of change: (1)feeling safe, (2)seeing clearly, and (3)acting skillfully. In 2023 He founded Curious Ben Consulting to help organizations with DEI services. He is co-host of the Ben and Jamesa (plus Amine) Podcast and co-author of 12 workbooks and the upcoming self-help book Letting Your Self Go: A Guide to Healing What Was Never Broken. 


Ben Motley

Founder + CBI Developer


Tyleshia Jennings,

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Kynesha Smith,


Kevin Faulkenberry,

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Margaret Locke,


Emmanuelle Durant,


Jean-Marie Watonsi,


Deborah Riley,

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