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Trainings and Certification

Trainings and Certification

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Create Change in Your Community

At Three Trees Center for Change, we believe in sharing all we have learned about working with people who have harmed others. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support the work you do.


Give us a call today to get started (803) 207-0558.

Curriculum Certification

Use our evidence based, cognitive behavioral curriculums with the clients in your community. We can certify you to become a Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry certified facilitator so that you can start leading change based groups in the place you call home. Join the 100s of counselors, probation officers, and diversion specialists joining the movement

Trainings & Workshops

We love to share what we have learned about why people harm themselves and others, and how we help communities heal. Each year we travel around the country to provide trainings on topics ranging from interpersonal violence to intersectional identities and creating more equitable systems of criminal justice. Give us a call to reserve your training today! 

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