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Workplace CBI

Turning Harmful Habits into Opportunities

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We have a passion for helping workplaces whose mission is to create a safer, more positive world and work environment. We invite you to join an already existing online classroom to learn with others from around the country, or set up a meeting to discuss  individually tailored CBI solutions to meet your employee needs. Give us a call today to get started with your free consultation (803) 207-0558.

Difficult Conversations

A 6 week online Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry classroom to learn how to assess, build, and maintain Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) in the Workplace: a must for all workplaces in today's world. This is a great class for people who would like to get started on developing DEI programs in their place of work but are unsure how to begin, what materials to use, how to get their leadership onboard, and how to navigate common pitfalls of DEI programs.

Team Meeting

Learning to Lead

A 6 week online Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry classroom for new supervisors to learn the basics of supervising an Accountable, Compassionate, and Transparent (ACT) Team. This is a great class for people who are new to supervision and would like to learn more about the ACT model of supervision. Enhance how you track the progress of your team, using the team's strengths to overcome obstacles, and develop your own supervision style.

Colleagues at Work

Professional Resilience

A 6 week online Cognitive Behavioral Inquiry classroom to learn about how to incorporate professional resilience into your work life. Participants will learn about emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, and common workplace stressors and how to navigate them. This is a great class for anyone who used to enjoy their work life a great deal more than they currently do, and are wondering how to reignite their passion for what the way they serve the world..

Executives at Work


We make it easy to turn workplace problems into opportunities.

  1. Pick the course you would like and give us a call at 803 207 0558.

  2. We get you scheduled for an online class time that meets your schedule and send you your workbook.

  3. You complete the assignments in a time frame that works for you and join the online collaborative classroom to share what you have learned and receive feedback.

  4. Once you have completed all lessons you are complete and receive certification of your course completion to place on your resume and LinkedIn profile

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